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Am I the only one not impressed with the Zoology 3 notebook?


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I think it's going back. I think we are going to notebook our way, in a very simplified manner...just a small narration, and a picture if my son wants to draw. I got the experiments and I think that will be plenty, but I just wanted to know if anyone else felt the same way.


I mean, they are pretty, and surely if you are going to notebook, they seem economical, but we could do without the crossword puzzles, and some of it just seems like we would never get to.



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I was also underwhelmed by it when I looked into it. She put a great deal of effort into it but for us, read, narrate, draw, experiment, and draw some more is enough. It had many things I did not want. I did consider buying one than copying the pages I did want to use but decided it just was not worth it. And then I decided to wait on formal science until middle school, anyway. :)

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