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WP CAW Users & SL Core F Users


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I'm actually trying to get ducks in a row for next year. The plan was to use SL Core F, but after further review I do not think my youngest will find it as enjoyable. Not a problem. I pulled CAW off the shelf which I'm excited to use with him, but..


I've got the 2006 IG, again not a problem. I've just noticed that some of the books have been dropped and others put in their place. I'm not too fussed about that because I'm 100% content to use the books previously called for. There are a couple of the newer ones though I'm interested/intrigued by & curious to see how easy/difficult it would be to work in.


One of them is the newer Working Children book. Would it be too hard to swap the older one for the newer one scheduling wise?


I'm not in a huge rush to order stuff, but living overseas I will need to order stuff from WP {exclusives} by the middle of the year. I noticed that Map Your World is currently unavailable, anyone know when it's gonna be back up and running? I suppose I could just email them about it. :lol:


We also happen to school year round, will it mess up our study too much if we skip the Christmas section bouncing to the studies after it & then come back to the Christmas studies after we finish everything else? That would make more sense because otherwise we'd be doing Christmas studies say in May or June possibly July. I think my child would retain more if it was.. well ya know.. Christmas Time! ;)


Oh, & I admit I'm having trouble figuring out the Carmen SanDiego called for in the IG. All our Carmen "stuff" is in storage in the US. Can anyone set me straight?


I'm also considering getting a second Travel Journal for the child who will be using SL Core F would it be worth it? Anyone combined the two before? I know Core F is pretty research heavy & I'm okay with that, but I thought it might be fun for that student to turn it into his own little Geography Notebook/Travel Journey, kwim? Thoughts?

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