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How do I improve MY punctuation skills?

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I really stink at punctuation. I managed to graduate from college with a B.S. in Elementary Education, but yet I'm not always 100% sure where I should put commas. I'm not sure how to use colons and semi colons. I feel like to a well educated person, my comments and posts probably look like a mess. I have read and studies the rules of punctuation a few times for big tests that require writing, and I pass. But I am still very unsure. I think I could probably stand to study writing in general, b/c I feel like I'm not nearly as eloquent with my words as others are. I'm quite embarrassed b/c while no one really points out my errors, I know they're there. And I'm always afraid that when people find out that I homeschool and they see anything that I write that they will judge my capability to teach.


Is there a book, a website with exercises, a curriculum, anything to help me improve my skills?


Thank you!

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I like Analytical Grammar. It is easy to comprehend, and there are videos you could buy to go with it!


For fun:





Note: Many of The Oatmeal's blog posts are highly offensive. These two are mild. Don't go poking around...unless you are okay with offensive. In the latter case, be my guest.

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