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Newbie to the SN Boards--Howdy! And a question.

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I've suspected for a couple of years that something was off with my 9yos, and we finally have a diagnosis. He has a classic case of visual processing disorder. :001_smile: My dh and I suspect that it is somewhat hereditary, as he (dh) recognized many of the symptoms from his own experience.


He hasn't started any therapies yet (our IEP meeting isn't until March 1st--we use a charter school) but the school psychologist and occupational therapist that tested him both told me that he needs OT.


On to the question. :001_smile: Our 11yos shares most of those traits/symptoms as well, but is better at compensating because he has a higher IQ. 9yos has an average IQ. Would it be worthwhile having him tested as well? Or can I most likely implement with older ds whatever strategies I learn for younger ds?


Thanks so much for any advice!

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No, but I'm planning on doing some of the therapies related to that. A friend whose son has the same problems recommended Bal-A-Vis-X, so we'll give that a go.


Thanks for the suggestion! We may look into that more, but I'm sort of scared to because I can't afford it and I doubt insurance will cover it. :-(

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