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Where would I take a stack of old photos to have them scanned into digital images?

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Back story...


I got in contact via facebook with two aunts and an uncle from my bio mom's family. Haven't seen them in 25 years.


One aunt has posted lots of photos that she has from my childhood on fb for me to see. It was so sweet of her. But the quality isn't good, because she doesn't have a scanner. so she's just taking a picture of the photo with her camera, and uploading that.


My dh and I are taking our boys on a family vacation this summer to the same city my aunts live in. We'll be there for a week. I'm hoping she'll let me take the pictures somewhere to have them digitally scanned.


But where do I take them? Somewhere like FedEx/Kinkos? We have a printer/scanner, but I'd rather not lug it along on vacation; plus, I'd rather someone else do the boring job of scanning them all. :D


It's a small town they live in, but there's a somewhat larger town not too far away. So help me out; if I'm searching the yellow pages on-line, what heading/service am I looking for?


ETA: I just searched FedEx's website. The nearest location to their city is 60 miles away. Erg.

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