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Skip MUS PreAlgebra before VideoText Algebra?


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I have heard that VideoText Algebra does a review of everything before jumping into Algebra. Should we do MUS PreAlgebra first, or is that too much duplication?


We are just finishing Zeta now, halfway through 5th Grade.



The thing with MUS is it uses a different scope and sequence than more traditional programs. Some important concepts are left until after Zeta. For our dc who use MUS as the spine, MUS Pre-A has important areas not to be skipped over. This is especially important with a mastery program which really focuses on one main concept like negative numbers, then moves on. I recommend taking a look at the current TOC and 30 lessons to see if this is something you feel you can skip. Does VT cover these also? If yes then it is probably ok to switch after Zeta. That is also where my ds10 is now. I decided to do MUS Pre-A before switching to something. We just got the books and it looks like a nice compliment to earlier courses.


  • Negative Numbers: Addition

  • Negative Numbers: Subtraction

  • Negative Numbers: Multiplication

  • Negative Numbers: Division

  • Whole Numbers

  • Integers

  • Number Line

  • Exponents

  • Place Value

  • Expanded and Exponential Notation

  • Negative Numbers: Exponents

  • Roots and Radicals

  • Solve for an Unknown with Additive Inverse

  • Pythagorean Theorem

  • Associative Property

  • Commutative Property

  • Distributive Property

  • Solve for an Unknown with Multiplicative Inverse

  • Solve for an Unknown with Order of Operations

  • Surface Area of a Solid

  • Transform Celsius to Fahrenheit

  • Transform Fahrenheit to Celsius

  • Absolute Value

  • Ratio and Proportion

  • Similar Polygons

  • Prime Factorization

  • Least Common Multiple

  • Greatest Common Factor

  • Polynomials: Addition

  • Volume of a Cylinder

  • Polynomials: Multiplication

  • Adding and Subtracting Time

  • Same Difference Theorem

  • Volume of a Cone and a Pyramid

  • Military Time: Addition and Subtraction

  • Measurement: Addition and Subtraction

  • Irrational Numbers

  • Square Root Formula

  • Real Numbers

Here is the VT outline: http://www.videotext.com/VideoText%20Interactive/Shaded%20Algebra%20Schematic%20-%20Adobe%20PDF%20-%2010-05-05.pdf

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