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Need some feedback on WWS week 15, and the program in general.

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From the first post in the thread: "If you look are for specific comment or critique of your DC's assignment, please post that in an individual thread." I am happy to give comments, I just did not think to look in the WWS example thread.



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Thoughts on the program itself should go here.


Here is your specific post (just so others can quickly find it):




And here is the part I want to reply to:


"He's young for the program, but bright and in need of challenges. That said, writing is not his forte, at least so far. Up until now he has been able to do a fairly good job with the assignments. Now that I have the WWS books and can see where the program is going, however, I wonder if it is too challenging for him. Very soon, the expectations get steeper. The learning tasks given might be too demanding for my 9 yo. The program is so strong, and so sophisticated in terms of the level it is trying to bring the children to, I don't want to squander it before DS is ready.


Then again, it might be just the thing. Your thoughts?"


My reply:


After doing WTM-style narrations/dictations and WWE with my very-opposite-in-liking-writing children, I think 9 is young for WWS, esp. if "writing is not his forte." However, you are the one who works with your son. You can see where WWS is going - do you think your son needs to get there by a certain age? If so, why? Or, what specific challenge in WWS do you think he needs, and why?


Or would he be better off practicing narrations through his reading for the time being? You don't have to look at this as "going backwards;" you could look at it as bonus writing-practice as he studies history/science/literature.


Another thought I had after looking at your signature - does he need challenge in every subject? Could he continue to be challenged in his pre-algebra, and rest a little more in his writing lessons (I see you have several different resources for him for grammar and writing)?


Perhaps your answers to these questions will help you make a decision. You may decide to stop WWS for now and pick it up later; you may decide to keep going and quit after a few more weeks if it gets too tough; you may decide, for specific reasons, to keep going, and find out that he will suddenly blossom. If it were me looking at a child who is doing "a fairly good job," I'd be inclined to slow down and let him plateau for awhile. I do see quite a few phrasing/grammar/spelling errors in his writing sample, and this is what would cause me to plateau on simple narrations, in order to practice phrasing/grammar/spelling skills, before moving onward with WWS. But only you can experiment with this. Just know there is no right or wrong way.

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