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LD testing question.


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Did has an APD. We have homeschooled for the last year and half and she has greatly improved. The kids recently went back to school and we are trying to get them all situated with their different needs. The LD specialist just called me to set up a meeting. Because dd's IEP and testing was done out of state they want(have) to have her retested. They asked me if I wanted to have her tested for any other LD's. What are your thoughts? She is a very bright and I do not "really" suspect anything, but I have the opportunity.


That said, this is a VERY impoverished district. From the conversation I am almost wondering if they are going to decide that dd does not qualify for special needs. It is just a hunch, but the woman was already prepping me that they mainly handle actual LD's, as if dd's is not real. :glare:


What would you do?

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I would contact your local learning disability association chapter. The first consult is free, explain the situation and schedule an appointment. They do not work for the school district, but will advice you on how to get help for your child and even go with you to the meetings. Those IEP meetings can get nasty. After the first consult, they charge $50 here, but still well worth it. They really do fight for our children.

Edited: I found something for Texas and sent them an email. :)


I am not finding one for the south/east Texas area. :confused:

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