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What's Cooking: For those of us on the 'No Shopping in January'

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Ok Ladies,


MamaSheep was lamenting about making menus and such. Which I do as well. It truely does save time and money. Especially if one has a goodly amount of food storage and forgets if she has an ingredient or two already in the cabinets somewhere and overbuys...just sayin' :tongue_smilie:


So...What's your menu look like for tomorrow?


Breakfast: we're having baked french toast for breakfast with turkey sausage, scrambled eggs for DH with turkey sausage since he's on a modified eating plan while on P90x2.


Lunch: hotdogs (their request), salad and fresh fruit for the kids. Leftovers for hubby and I, which means fish from dinner tonight, a large salad and some fresh fruit.


Dinner: Beef filets, salad, baked potatoes, homemade bread and cut up apples.


Most of this comes from my two very full freezers and food storage...right now I'm only buying fresh salads and fruits as needed...I wish I could have put in a winter garden, but was unable to get to it for a variety of reasons. This winter I definitely plan on it.


Don't forget to go gather your stuff together so it will be there when you need it tomorrow. :D

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