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Back in the saddle again

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Hi everyone! I intended to officially start hs'ing dd starting September but a little surprise came my way and I've been battling terrible morning sickness up until now. So now that I'm just starting to come back to life I want to get dd going again. She's been missing it and is excited too!


I've got low blood pressure right now so I tend to feel light headed and weak most of the day so I want to keep what I do with her REALLY light. She turned 5 in September. I was wondering what you feel is necessary for a 5 year to cover??? Where I live their are no requirements for homeschooler's so I'm free to do what I like. So far, she can print uppercase letters with some reversals, can count up to twenty and do simple adding up to 5. Her reading is excellent and is at least a grade 2 level.


Should I just focus on the 3 R's? I honestly don't feel I have the energy right now to teach math. I bought Singapore and I think I'll start using it after this little sneaky one arrives. In the meantime, anyone know of any engaging online programs similar to reading eggs for math? I need something that starts out really basic.


Sorry for the ramble...thanks for listening and for any suggestions:D

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