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I did post on the high school board with no response so far. Thanks!


I didn't get much of a response when I posted either. I have spent the last couple of days viewing online course samples. LLC classes would not be my top choice from those I veiwed. It's actually way down on the list. I am not judging from personal experience. I have never had a dc in one of the LLC classes. I viewed all of the samples. Dh particularly does not like the lack of professional presentation/discussion in the Rhetoric sample online. He felt there was a lot of time wasted (which he thinks of in terms of time he would be paying for). She seemed to take a long time getting into the meat of the history material. It was nice to see the teacher sharing her photos, but it went on too long. I agree with him that her continually use of "you guys" brings down the level of communication skill being modeled. I'm not sure if all the classes are like the sample, but I expected more.


I compared it to the online sample of a VP Omnibus class and found the teacher and students were much better at communicating their ideas and much more serious and down to business. In comparison, VP is going to provide you with more grading and feedback for your money--but they are more expensive. I also happen to like the book selections in TOG slightly better.


I suppose how much you like LLC will depend on your expectations for the class. What I saw online would in no way replace the level of discussion we have at home, so it does not work for me. I'm being honest about my opinion of what I saw and how it would work for us. Hope I'm not stepping on too many toes here. It could be a good option for parents who have difficulty with discussions and just want a place for Dc to elaborate somewhat on their learning. It's just not enough for us --again from the one sample I saw. Have you watched the Rhetoric sample?

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