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Does anyone use Timeline Maker Professional?


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Does anyone use http://www.timelinemaker.com/index.php?p=products_pro?


It looks very cool and I like that you can print it. See the video tour. I downloaded it and played with it a bit.


With the on slot of logic stage change needs to occur for DD’s sanity and mine, but most of all for time. We had been keeping a history notebook style timeline and spent a fair amount of time printing out color stickers, drawing, crafting, and all sorts of things for this thing. But I’m thinking for the sake of time and subject combining to go digital. As a computer science credit it would allow her to learn a new program. She would create each event, stylize it, categorize it, and insert clip art/images. Then when a page is done she could print it out and place it on the new wall space that we are creating for it (20ft wall – might have to go two rows). This year in history we have all the outlining along with all the other note booking, the heavier reading schedule (plus her classics literature), and narrations. I’m hoping this works.


I would love to hear if anyone else does this. Thank you almighty hive masters! :cheers2: Have a safe and happy New Year's.

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