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Help me out... digital [video] camera for ds10

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My ds10 is planning on asking Santa Claus for as digital camera, primarily for video but some stills as well, since he likes to make mini movies and stop motion animation. I am looking for something in the $50-$150 range, that can hold up to a 10 year old boy without being a childish toy.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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This is what we got dd16 last year. Kodak Playsport.




It has been to amusement parks, through water rides, the pool, and the beach! It's waterproof up to 10ft. I know it's been dropped a couple times. It's very user friendly. It's sturdy and the quality is good for a little hand held video camera. Dd has used it with some video editing software to make some fun dvd's for her and her friends.


You can check out the quality of the video on my blog. Here is a post where we used it at Islands of Adventure this year.


http://thelasthomelyhouseofangel.blogspot.com/2011/09/test.html (please ignore the jumpiness, dh hadn't used the camera before and we were on a ride :tongue_smilie:)

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