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PSAT-where do you find the cutoffs?

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Thank you for responding, HiddenJewel.


Ds is only a sophmore so his score doesn't yet count. He wants to see about how much he needs to improve his scores to qualify next yr. I know it changes every yr. but it will be helpful to know.



It is helpful to know. Dd took the PSAT as a sophomore last year and it was nice to know she only needed 10 more points to reach our state cutoff. We are waiting to see if she indeed made it this year.

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Go to this link to see the state scores cut-offs for the Class of 2011. That would make these two years old and they change year to year but generally in a similar range so it might give you some idea. If your score is riding the fence, then you will probably need to wait to find out.

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My son scored OK on the PSAT his 10th grade year. From looking at that score, he was not even close to the NAtional Merit State scores. However, that extra year of math, science, and english improved his score significantly to make semi-finalists. To me, it was really hard to judge due to that fact (that extra year of school).


You probably know that it doesn't count their 10th grade year anyway for NM :)

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