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History Channel Multimedia Classroom??


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Did a quick search and couldn't find anything.....


I've been eyeballing the History Channel Multimedia Classroom series. Its on sale till the 20th at HSBC.


http://shop.history.com/multimedia-classroom/index.php?v=history-education_multimedia (This is link to History Channel, HSBC has video about series)


We currently use K12 Human Odyssey & OUP's World in Ancient Times Set with Student Guides. I've noticed that often the monkeys retain more from just watching a documentary and talking than they do from reading textbooks.


This looks like a great mix of documentary/interactive but I can't seem to find many actual Homeschool reviews on the items....(We have discovery edu streaming but won't renew it next year, its been great for Magic school bus videos but the interface is just not very user friendly for trying to locate and group lessons around a topic)


This History Channel multimedia classroom appears to be a good mix of the primary source, textbook & media I'm looking for. (Which I've been trying to group together myself without much success using the Human odyssey, World in Ancient Times and Discovery Streaming...I mean it would be successful if I ever got it done, but you know how it is, best intentions and all that.)


So anyway...just wondering if anyone has used this series by History Channel? Opinions? If you haven't used it have you heard anything good or bad?



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