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  1. Thanks so much for letting me know how its going. I'm still very much interested, but I want to wait it out a I look forward to hearing more from you as you get further into the material...!!! (I would be getting the middle school level units, 11 total for 6th - 8th @ $45 each) so I'm also hoping to get more reviews by the end of this year of those who have tried those (or perhaps I'll get to see them a curriculum fair next summer......:001_smile:)
  2. Like many on this board....Science is a love/hate in our house. (The kids love to make a mess I hate to have to clean it up.......) We currently do a mix of Excursions/Outings, Mr. Q, Task Cards, Usborne Internet Linked Reference Material, Living Books & Lapbooking. Oh yeah and we throw in some Aha! Science, The Happy Scientist, Discovery Streaming, Khan Academy & Hippocampus.... Mixing it up for 6th/1st at the same time makes it lots of fun...:lol: (Can YOU tell I'm DYING for a BOX Curriculum here???) Anyway this looks promising You can buy it from Saxon Homeschool (Gotta scroll to bottom of this one, and the page is acting wonky..) I'm not looking forward to dropping a fortune on Science but I will if the PROGRAM works......:tongue_smilie: (This is based online with a year use access and workbook, so unlike lots of other pricey curriculum there is no real resale ability) But I need feedback...who's using it, how's it going? what do you like/hate??? (Tried a search..not much came up, so...........) *EDIT* Willing to take other recommendations as well if anyone knows of/has a HG science curriculum (Don't hold back if you have one)....I prefer Secular and lite on the hands on *demonstration*....we do a indepth experiment for a couple weeks every year...otherwise I try to avoid the mess.....unless its a make your own gummy candy science kit..:)
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