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"Fruit for Tender Hearts" by Teach Me Joy?

Heidi {AK}

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DDage5 is really bright for her age, and I know that the curriculum we have been doing, Heart of Dakota's "Little Hearts for His Glory," is too much and we're probably going to save it for 1st grade. For kindergarten, I know we'll probably consolidate the first two weeks of FFTH into one week, and not do just one fruit every day.


I am wondering if it's substantial enough to do a lesson a day, if we just do its Bible and science, and add in math and handwriting here and there. We are already doing Singapore Math 2A & 2B, as well as "A Reason for Handwriting." I'm taking a break from ARFH K to do Joy's handwriting worksheets.


I guess I'm wondering if it's meaty enough for a K curriculum for the rest of the year?

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It's hard to say what will work for someone's child. If you to currclick, search for Teach Me Joy. Click on alternate sample. That will give you the week's lesson plans and pages. Then you can see if it's a good fit for your child.


The Bible lessons are good. The Science is only once a week. There's a good amount of "kindergarten" type of projects, glue, yarn etc. My child is a young 5 and really enjoys it. It takes us less than an hour a day to do the entire program. Then we add FIAR to it.


Did you consider their Halls of Heroes program? It's more advanced as it's written for K-2.


I hope that helped!


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Thanks, Kim! I actually did already purchase it, and we've started it. I just got a week into it and realized we could not do a fruit a day and both stay engaged. I looked ahead and I think it looks ok, but wanted to make sure I knew what we were getting into. We're doing FIAR too, and that might be a good add-in. The reason for the "fruits" are because we need a way to introduce them and discuss them. :) We'd like to jump back to Heart of Dakota after this, and do LHFHG for first grade.

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