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I have a quick question about the Kindle Fire

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I'm not sure. I have Prime, and I emailed Amazon about the total number of Fires I could have registered to my account (we're getting these for the boys for Christmas, and I already have a Kindle, so this would be 6 Kindle devices, in addition to my computer). Here's the response:



You can register as many kindles as you want under your Amazon.com account.


If you're purchasing the kindles from your Amazon.com account they'll automatically get registered under your account and you need not have to register again.


Registering your Kindle to your Amazon account lets you shop in the Kindle Store and manage your Kindle content wirelessly from your device.


If your Kindle is already registered with your Amazon account information your Amazon account name (the same one you see when you are shopping on Amazon) will be visible in the top left corner of the Home screen and no further steps are required. However, if you see "My Kindle" instead, you need to register your Kindle. [/Quote]

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You can have up to 5 devices on the same account, I believe. I know I have my computer, my husband's computer and my kindle all on the same account with the same books downloaded to all three.
So that brings up a follow-on question: Are you limited to the same five devices for streaming video and downloading books? Perhaps this is not an issue since you can always read books or stream music using a web browser and the cloud version of those devices. OTOH, perhaps this is not an issue at all if they do not allow videos to be downloaded to the Kindle Fire. Perhaps they will not.


I'm wondering if this is a difference with Apple. For instance, I think Apple permits 10 (?) devices on an account for apps, but they allow, without requiring, those devices to use the same iCloud services. All ten can have their own space in iCloud, if desired. (Not exactly comparable, since iCloud is currently free...)

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My son and I are getting Fires as well. I have been searching the Amazon site and haven't found anything yet. It is the streaming I am wondering about.


I would email them. I would think that since all of mine would be registered under my Prime account, that all would have access.

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I just found a similiar question on their discussion board and this was the response:


Nospin says:


Prime Instant Videos will work on two devices. Just to be clear, however, Prime Instant Video is not the same thing as "unlimited streaming". Amazon rents and sells videos for streaming.

Here is a link to Prime Instant videos -



Not sure who Nospin is though.

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Yes, I think these two FAQs for Amazon Prime Instant Videos are the keys:

Can I download Prime instant video titles?

Prime instant video titles are currently only available for streaming. There are several ways that you can watch Prime instant video movies and TV shows including on your Mac, PC and nearly 200 models of Internet-connected TVs, Blu-ray players and set-top-boxes that are compatible with Amazon Instant Video. For additional information on ways to watch see Ways to Watch Prime Instant Videos.

I guess that means that you cannot use Amazon Unbox to view Amazon Prime Instant Videos. Hence the word "Instant". :tongue_smilie: We had hoped to use this service since we currently have unlimited internet only between the hours of 2 AM and 7 AM, but I guess that will only apply to other videos which we have purchased or rented. Hopefully 4G wireless service will be turned on soon here!



As you noted, it appears that this one is the real restriction, not the number of devices:

How many videos can I watch at one time?

You can watch up to two Prime instant videos at a time per account. However, any other videos you are simultaneously streaming through Amazon Instant Video will also count towards this limit.

And here is another FAQ that is related:

How many times can I watch a movie?

You can watch Prime instant video movies and TV shows as many times as you would like as long as they are available as part of Prime instant video program and you have a valid Amazon Prime membership.

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