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if you create your own history with living books??


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if you use books as the spine for your history, what does that look like for you? we are currently reading books for history (pocahontas and the strangers, pedro's journal, almost home, courage of sarah noble, etc). i'd love to continue down this path & kinda drop HOD otherwise, which i use with my daughter currently. i'm just not sure how to make books the actual spine of what we do:o. how do i incorporate notebooking, mapping, etc. does anyone have advice, a blog they can show me, or websites to share? TIA

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I choose a favorite spine or two, and base this choice on the age/level in which I'm interested. I've been reading on favorite sites for some time now(sites such as Ambleside Online),and from these I add supplemental books such as biographies, autobiographies and historical fiction. Add notebook pages, craft ideas if you and your dc like them, maps and a timeline/century book if you like. As students get older, I like to add primary resources. You may consider choosing literature which was written in the time period you are studying.


Here are a couple of sites I like:



(for great notebook pages, lapbooks and unit ideas with living books)



(with great coloring pages and notebook pages)



(nice coloring pages for US history and geography)



(this site is good for keeping history in chronological order and has links for maps and much more)



(the link to the above site for maps)

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