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Rabbit therapy

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Why does my nieces rabbit lunges at me to bite me when I go to feed it?


It's bowl is never empty. It's always got a ton of hay. It always has water.


Today it actually got me. No blood. But talk about ow.


It's a big big big white albino bunny. Her forgotten 4H project.

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She's territorial. Ours does it too only ours strikes with her front feet, not bites. Ours only does it when we first put our hands in to feed or water her, after her initial strike we can pet her or pick her up.


Rabbits are pretty complex critters, more so than they get credit for. The coop is her safe place, her livingroom, her burrow and she feels possessive and threatened instinctively when you reach in. If this one is never OUT of food she has no idea why you're sticking your hand in there where it obviously doesn't belong! Compares to sticking your fingers through the monkey cage wires. :D

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