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Moving furniture

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Dh says the bane of his existence is moving bookshelves. Not that it's hard, just that it's absurd.


So I've got these 3 dressers that sit under 2 windows. I didn't like them where they started & moved them a mo ago. Now I want to a) switch them out & b) switch the contents, too.


I think this is worse than moving bookshelves. Plus, the space is tight, & the whole process probably won't make sense to...well, anybody but me.


What's the point of this post? Confession, I think. :lol:

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It's all perfectly okay or insane, whichever you prefer, as long as YOU are NOT the person doing the moving.



Hear me?:toetap05:


He says we've got more important things to do today, if that's ok w/ me. I said ok, but I didn't say "I'll just do it myself."

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