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What comes after K12 Middle School French?

Michele B

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I enrolled dd10-almost-11 in a year of K12 Middle School French. I hope she will finish French I and get well into French II before our year is over next summer. I really do not want to pay for another year, and there are only the French I and II. I am glad she is having fun, and her accent is delightful, but I don't know how much hard core grammar she is getting. I do not know French or particularly want to learn French.;) So what do I need to look into for next year? She has been doing the Memoria Press Latin for years, and I bought their French because I planned to have her do it alongside the K12 for extra grammar. That has not happened.:tongue_smilie:


What are the Hive's recs for a child who has finished K12 French I and part of II? (And a mother who only knows English and German? And the mother's brain is too Fried By Homeschool to learn another language:D?)

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