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Tomato staking older kids

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I'd not do anything differnt than I normally do -- i did with foster kids all the time (CAC = constant adult contact). I lead my normal life and she had to follow along -- after all her loss of freedom was part of the point "If i can't trust your choice when i am out of sight, I'll have to keep you in my sight". Now for things she had to do -- her home work time, her chores or evening classes or groups) I'd grab a book and go along and sit right by her :) so she'd not "get out of anything" for it. YTrust me the girls i had loooooved me or the other mom sitting in their room from 'room time' till lights out with a book since the girl in question was under CAC.


But I think the importnat thing is for it to effect her and not you.


she has to be inconvienced to follow you around. JMO


Though nice and big pregant, I am sure i could find her a ton of extra chorse in the area i am -- cleaning out a silverware drawer while you cook?

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