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GED or other test showing equivalency ?

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It all depends on your state requirements. Here in Florida it is not a good option to take a GED in my opinion-there's a stigma attached and it is really not beneficial in any way. A diploma issued by the parent is a much better option unless we're not talking about a homeschooled child.


I've seen many homeschool parents have their children get their GED when it wasn't necessary at all and now their child will have to live with that decision. I know about the stigma attached because I took my GED when I was 16. I wasn't homeschooled however and it was the best option for me at the time.

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I have had children go on to college without a GED or a diploma. Many universities, esp private, are willing to work with you and they will rely heavily on ACT/SAT scores and essays. I encourage you to have your student attempt to contact the Dean of Admissions for the schools of choice and explain their circumstances.

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You might find this article helpful. I appreciate and agree with her viewpoint.


I'm very, very stubborn on this issue. My kids absolutely will not take the GED. We had one school ask for it. I ignored their request and sent them a professional looking transcript (signed by us), a copy of a diploma (purchased from HSLDA and signed by us), and her SAT scores. They accepted her. I'm not saying everyone in every situation should take this course of action, but in this circumstance it worked for us.


Our other three graduated dc are all at a private university on scholarship. None of them took the GED. They were accepted with a transcript I designed and their SAT scores. One of them is on a full-tuition, four-year scholarship worth $92,000.


ETA: Our next ds is thinking about applying to the state university. I plan to send a letter asking for a GED waiver. The school lists this as an acceptable option.

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