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HOD- what's the plan?


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I just wondered if anyone knows what Carrie's plan is with this history wise? She begins with America, then moves onto a World History rotation- is that going to be a four year rotation or what? What after that? Are they repeating or will there be new guides for those again?


Sorry, just trying to understand what she is shooting for. If you started a child later on in the age groups would you even make it through history once before high school?


Anyone know?

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Little Hearts (LHFHG) begins with Bible history, then covers a small amount of world and American history.

Beyond covers early American history from a story approach.

Bigger covers a broader span of American history in a biographical form.

Preparing is a one year sweep of world history from ancients to modern.

Then the next four guides will follow a typical 4 year sequence.

CTC covers ancients.

RTR covers MA/Ren.

Rev2Rev is early american and world history.

The next guide will cover modern times.

Then the next 4 guides will be for High School, starting with a year of Geography.


Hope this helps.:)

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