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Room Dividers

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I have a cheap version of one of these: resize?sq=160&uid=679685526&mid=23819that's been in the box for years. I'd love to use it, & I've been thinking that it would be a nice way to "screen" the kids' junky art area. Or create some private space for ds7 to concentrate better.


The problem is, the one I've got is NOT sturdy. We pulled it out when ds was a crawling baby, & had to put it away because he knocked it over so much.


Any ideas on how to make it sturdy enough to survive our current baby?

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Dh was so excited about all *I* got done last night, that he came home & relaxed. The nerve. :glare: He says he needs to, like, unwind from the semester. That all my "projects" are stressing him out. That he just can't take another one right now.


But I think we'll have it done by this evening. I mean, he did have last night off, after all. ;)

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