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Advice for grieving loss of pet

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Our beloved family cat is gone. Just vanished into thin air. She has been gone for almost three days now. Myself and the kids are heartbroken. We have been to the shelters, around neighborhoods, looking on roadsides etc. At this point we have to let go but it is so hard. We loved her so very much. SHe was more like a dog than a cat. Wanting to have her belly rubbed, going on walks with us around the neighborhood. How do you let go and get past this sting in your heart when we don't even have her to bury? Any advice for a sad heart missing my Skittle Doo.



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Gosh, I don't have any wonderful words of wisdom here, but I'm so sorry.


When we moved to this house, my beloved cat hid outside for 3-4 days and then returned at 3am a dirty, stinky mess. I still have that cat, and at age 16, I'm not looking forward to the day when we have to part.


However, I have had to part with pets through the years. I have found that it is a grieving process, just like when we lose a human friend. Time helps to heal the pain of loss, and talking about it sure doesn't hurt.

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It is so hard to say goodbye when we do not know what happened. Three days is not enough to know for sure that she is gone, though...but it is not a good sign.


When we lose our cats, we miss them and grieve. We watch for them, hoping they got locked into some garage and just need to have someone notice. We talk about them to each other to relieve and share the grief.


I always talk about the good life that we gave the kitty. That cat had the best of lives! We loved him and he loved us. He was always feed and cared for and healthy. As far as a cat's life went, he had the best! We gave him everything we knew how to give...and he knew he was loved. We are just sad that our time together was so short. We will miss him.


Knowing that he had lived a king's life seems to help--I don't know why. It just does. Perhaps it makes us understand that we are not guilty of something. We are the lover and the beloved. We were honored by his being in our home.


Gve it a few more days. When our cats do not come home, I wait a week; then I wait another week. If they have not returned by then, we suspect that they are truly gone. Cats are wanderers...


(()) I'm sorry. Those fuzzy friends crawl into our hearts with their fuzzy purrs and ways. I hope you friend returns.



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