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Mystery of History vs. Tapestry of Grace

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My son and I have loved MOH 1 and MOH 2, and we are currently using MOH 3. I love the setup of MOH. The pre-tests, the exercises, the maps, Linda Hobar's discussion. We have also used many other books in our studies. I will be finished with MOH 3 by Christmas, and I want to know where to go after that. I have looked at Biblioplan and Truthquest, but they are basically just reading lists. I have SOTW and it's interesting, but I don't like the biblical neutrality. I want something that is unashamedly Christian. So my question is: Is TOG for me? Please let me know what you think.

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TOG is unashamedly Christian - from a Reformed perspective. The world view training in the upper level is fantastic. Year 1 (Ancients) is a fantastic year because of the pagan cultures paralleled with Old Testament History. Throughout the years, there is a distinct Sovereign God thread as you look at the unfolding of history and God's purposeful interaction in time. Highly recommend.



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Oh, I would highly recommend TOG also, based on what you said you're looking for and your son's age. We are finishing Year 1 Redesigned right now, and even though my dd is only in 1st grade, I have done some of the R level readings myself and read through all the teacher's notes and many of the discussion outlines - and I've learned a LOT. There is a year-long survey of the Bible in this year, and it's been the first time that I've read the Bible in the context of world history; it's really wonderful.


Love TOG, highly recommend it. I would tell you go to to the ToG website and print off one of their 3-week samples and live with it for a while, try to really get to know it; ask questions, make notes, schedule out the weeks, maybe even try some of the lessons. Just to see how you can make it fit your family. And you'll be able to get an idea of what the teacher's notes and discussion outlines are like.




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Guest purepraise

Another unashamedly Christian history curriculum you might look at is Diana Waring's History Alive. If you like the format and style of MOH, I think you would possibly like this too. http://www.dianawaring.com


We like it for middle school because she pulls everything together including God's plans and purposes. The audio that accompanies the reading is full of exciting information. The kids are drawn in and really learning. In addition to History, assignments include other subjects such as Bible, Science, Maps/Timeline, Writing & Research.

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