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Notgrass American history course

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If you've used this, how did you like it? Was it sufficient for history and literature? How was the literary analysis? Also, how hard was it to grade the writing assignments? Does the teacher's manual provide guidelines on what to look for etc.?


This looks very user friendly, readable, contemporary and Christian. I like the idea of using one program for history and literature. Looks like they use classic literature and are flexible with book substitutions. The only issue for me is that we are Roman Catholic not Protestant and I already have a religion text picked out for next year, and I'm thinking that 2 religion texts might be overkill. Can we skip over the bible lessons, and just use the series for history and literature?




Ame E.

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I love Notgrass but it is not what you're expecting. There is no literary analysis in their program. The student is assigned a book to read and then answer 10 questions after he finishes. The questions are basic designed to make sure the student understood the book. Most people who use Notgrass supplement it with LL or Progeny Press guides for several of the books. There are no guidelines for grading the writing assignments. It is left up to the teacher. The student is given 3 writing assignments to choose from for each week and they just write it. My dd didn't have any problem with it and loved the way he changed the kind of writing he wanted. Sometimes it was a poem, an argumenative paper, an editorial, etc. He really mixes up the kinds of writing they have to do. As for your Catholic slant I don't think you have to worry. You can leave out the Friday stuff, we do and there won't be a problem but religion is also written into the other areas of the text. It's very basic and no anti specific religion that I noticed. Based on the questions you're asking I'm not sure it's what you're looking for but I think it's a great program and with a little supplemental stuff can be what you want.

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We are using Notgrass Exploring America this year and I love it. We do use Lightning Lit for the literature. We are also Catholic and haven't had any problems with it. I did wonder if there would be problems using the World History program, but we won't be using that one. I may have my daughter do their government course for her senior year.





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