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Wanting to work from home ...

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The best thing you can do as you decide what work to do at home is to determine what your talents and experience are. I don't mean to be negative, but I used to prepare tax returns and do accounting for people who wanted to work from home and most of my clients lost tons of money participating in the common "money making from home" schemes mainly from selling programs that they invested in when they were not particularly gifted in that area. I'm not tryng to discourage you from those types of programs if you are talented in the sales area but it's not always as easy as some programs make it seem.


From my own life for instance, I was able to have a very lucrative tax business for many years because my education and past work experience was in taxes (IRS). When I decided to stay at home I was able to be successful in a home business because I already had that experience.


Another thing I've done in the past that worked well was babysitting since I've got experience in that.


I would just be very cautious about any promises people make about income possibilities if it's an area that you haven't been involved with before. Look at your own talents, experiences and try to think of possibilities that you can pursue.


I hope you can figure something out that is both rewarding and successful.

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Childcare seems to be the best bet as far as stability, etc.


I'm currently praying about taking on extras. It is a concern when homeschooling, though. Some kids are easy. Some aren't.


I think people around here get $125-150/week. Babies are more.


My aunt used to do childcare only for teachers and school cafeteria staff. That way she had the summers off:o)

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