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Quick - I need a fun way to study weather with a 7th & 8th grader!!


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Looking for a text and experiments - lots of hands-on preferred.


Get The Weather Wizard's Cloud Book by Rubin and Duncan and use it to forcast the weather for a month or longer. Remember to check your forecasts accuracy. Learn to read weather maps and use them to make forcasts. Using your paper's weather section, track the weather in several parts of the country/world. Pay attention to to the daily temp highs and lows and try to look for patterns to explain why some areas have large andsome have small daily temp swings. Take thermometer and/or barometer and go over high bridges, and uphills and mountains to see how the temperature and pressure changes. If you live near a large body of water check to see if the predominent wind changes from day to night and how.


A good book for explanations is The Weather Book, by USA Today.

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We have just finished a Weather study using this book:



I thought the scope and sequence was good. It had lots of hands on activities that explained the different elements of weather well. We also built our own weather station from instructions on the internet. I used it with my 8th and 3rd grader, with the 8th I got him to read other books at times if he needed to go deeper, but this book really worked well.

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