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I know it's been mentioned before...


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but it's worth a reminder.


If you aren't using Swagbucks you should. I was hesitant at first but after redeeming SBs for $15 worth of Amazon GC this week I'm sold. ;) My husband is happy because he knows this will certainly help with our homeschool budget.


I'm really new at it and I'm pretty sure there are other mommas on here that have good tips, I've just used the search, the daily poll and sometimes I play the games at night. It really hasn't been hard to watch the numbers climb.

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don't forget about the daily points from just doing the following:

1 from Daily Poll

1 from just visiting Trusted Surveys

2 from going through the NOSO and clicking no/skip about 5 times (30 seconds time max)


you can also earn 3 points every time you watch 10 videos on swagbucks tv - it does remember the % you were at so you can watch one every now and then and eventually earn the points. I just start a video playing and then go to another tab and whenever I remember go back and click on a new video.

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Guest RecumbentHeart

There are also A number of free trials in the specials offers section that give enough SB to buy a $5 gift card immediately. Just remember to cancel before the trial period ends!!


And install the toolbar for your browser and refresh it daily for anOther single SB.

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