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Obsessively narrating! Help!

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Has anyone seen this in their child? A few months ago I introduced dd (age 5) to narrating. I would read her a chapter from a chapter book and have her tell me a few sentences summarizing what happened. I would write them down and she would color a picture under the summary.


Enter the sort of weird problem. She now wants to obsessively narrate and write down everything. If she is watching a video she runs in with a paper telling me to write things down that she learned. She is frantic about it. Also calls out after she is in bed saying she is afraid she is going to forget something like that she wants to paint tomorrow or that she loves ladybugs and wants me to write it down. She is normally very laid back, not really a people pleaser and not super academic. (smart but doesn't really love "doing school") What do you think? It is weirding me out a little.

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I haven't seen this, but it sounds like a phase to me. She's latched on to the idea of writing down things in order to remember them, and it's taking over her life for awhile. When she asks inappropriately, you might want to mention that we don't write everything down.

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Have her write them herself as much as possible (she could draw a picture of a ladybug). She could also copy things down herself if you write them down for her first. Maybe the act of copying them herself will cause her to become a bit more selective.

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