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Question about Funnix...


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I saw information about Funnix in the post regarding pgms to use after 100EZ lessons...

How long does each lesson take on the computer?

has anyone ever used this with multiple children in the same session or do you need to break it up into individual sessions (this is assuming the children are at the same level)--I just don't quite get the logistics of implementing this program. I know it can be used in a school setting but I was wondering how it worked at home with 2 or more children.

Any feedback, greatly appreciated!!


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First, how do your kids read? My son needed some more reinforcement of the long vowels etc. so we went into Funnix 1. Before finishing Funnix 1 he was reading well and now we're just reading the reader for Funnix 2 and we don't need the computer program part even though we own it. I haven't used it with two kids, but the computer part is made for one-on-one. I suppose you could have your kids take turns reading each part. That would probably be fine. It takes about the same amount of time as 100El, but I skipped a lot of the sounding out as my son didn't need it. The Funnix 2 reader is cute. My son enjoys it a lot. There are 100 stories to read, or at least 100 parts as some stories are split up.

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