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Please help me find a spelling program for my friend's 2nd grader

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My friend and neighbor called me today to help her find a spelling program or her 2nd grade daughter, who just finished the 2nd grade level of Spelling Workout.


My friend's daughter "Christy" is an excellent reader (she's reading a NIV version of the Bible easily). She finished SWO, but my friend doesn't care for SWO's presentation. She (I better giver her a name -- Lucy) is wanting something that will actually teach her daughter spelling rules that she can use for the rest of the school year (preferrably a series she can stick with for the rest of elementary school).


Lucy is a non-native English speaker and doesn't know the rules herself, so there is a self-education need as well (just as with the rest of us 'lucky' products of whole language instruction of the 70s :tongue_smilie:).


Lucy needs something that will be (1) concrete and easy to follow. For example, she LOVES Horizon math because it is so thorough and concrete and easy to follow. She needs the (2) spelling rules to be in the curriculum and explicitedly taught to the child. And, she needs a (3) practically nil learning curve.


I've already told her about All About Spelling and Spell to Write and Read (I've used both). I think what she'd rather have is a program that is more workbook-y as that would fit into her life style better.


I've got a call into Horizons (wow, great customer service -- the rep. who took my call is pulling the 2nd grade and 3rd grade books to see if it meets my friend's needs and will call me back this afternoon), but I'm wondering what else is workbooky and might fit the bill. BJU? Abeka?



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