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South Carolina HS'ers......public school sports?

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I have looked around online and can not find a clear answer.


We are moving to SC for DH's work, specifically Greenville area.


Does SC currently offer HS'ers the right to participate in public school sports? Or if not, has there been legislation introduced, or perhaps at least a discussion of such legislation, of allowing HS'ers to participate? I know several states have started that ball rolling since Tim Tebow came out on the scenes.


What about private schools? Can they allow HSers to participate in sports? Do they?


We are specifically looking for football/baseball for high school years.



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Yea! Another homeschooler in my neck of the woods! You will LOVE living in Greenville. It's a highly sought after community for its family-friendly activities and a high standard of living.


My children are in high school now. Although neither of them have been involved on a public school high school sports team, there are homeschooled teams that play against public and private schools during the school year, for basketball, volleyball, and soccer. The homeschool group we are involved with is very competitive, and we just won the state championship in VB and middle school basketball.




My son was told that all he needed to do was to take one high school class at a local public school, and he could have been the soccer goalie for its varsity soccer team. I believe that's the "catch."


Let me know how I can help point you in the right direction for your move to the Greenville area. Yea!!!:D

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