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Storing or Displaying old books...How?

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My bedroom is a complete disaster and I'm looking at cleaning it out over the next couple of months. I have two stacks of older books like the Bobbsey Twins and some really old Dr. Suess and I would like to have them displayed somehow instead of just stacks. Any ideas? I have two bookcases in my bedroom and a nightstand.


Thanks! Decorating/Organizing/Decluttering is not my forte.

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As a librarian I have found that the Northeast Document Conservation Center is one of the best resources available. It should give you at least the information you need from a preservation standpoint. For decorating ideas At Home With Books is a really great resource. Maybe your library would have it. Also if you Google "decorating with books" there are a lot of images that come up to give you some great ideas. For book storage I have easily made custom sized boxes out of acid free archival card stock. This would be good for the books that are in rotation of being displayed. Hope that helps. Sounds like a fun project.



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Definitely display them!


We keep most of our oldest books shelved together. They are high enough in the living room that when little people come to visit, they don't have their hands on them, but everyone else can carefully enjoy them.



We also have some items that we display on photo easles.



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