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EC Zoology 2-to use the journal or a lapbook?


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Ok for those of you that have used a lapbook approach for the Exploring Creation series from Apologia, what do you think? What do you use? Are their any free lapbooks out there that are good?


I've Never, do I dare say that? done a lapbook thingy yet....Ok, stop throwing things at me!


I have however enjoyed working with the spiral bound journal books that coordinate withe the books.


Any suggestions, input, ideas, would be most helpful.

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I have not used the notebook as it looked like it was too much for the young set. I am schooling a 1st grader who loves lapbooking. We used the lapbooks from RR by the knowledge box company for Astronomy and Botany. I saw the Live and Learn ones that RR also has for Apologia and decided to try those for Zoology 1. I have printed them, and they look better IMO than the Knowledge Box ones. However, the Knowledge Box lapbooks give you a layout for using manila folders, and the Live and Learn do not. I like having the layout, but I like the actual little books/grafics by the Live n Learn.



The things I have learned about lapbooking...


1) Buy lots of glue sticks.

2) you may want to precut the books if cutting takes your child forever, or causes frustration. It can derail all concentration!

3) Purchase a long bed stapler.

4) Stock up on printer ink, paper, and manila folders.

5) Dont let the 2yo accidently get the lapbook. Big sis will be in tears and there will be chewed pieces of paper everywhere!:lol:

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