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I can't believe it! I was posting a list of books and things I have for sale. I am NOT a dealer, I just have been homeschooling for some time, so it was a LONG list. When I went to post it, it said I wasn't logged in anymore. So I logged in, and it went to a white screen. Now that post I spent so much time on is GONE! :banghead::crying::scared::thumbdown:


That is soooo frustrating! How can that be prevented from here on out?! If I am busy typing, it shouldn't automatically log me out! And if it does log me out, it should certainly send me back to where I was!!!




I'll get over it, I just think it's sooo not right!

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Oh, I feel for ya. I learned on the old board to type the list in WORD, or in an email, and then cut&paste it into the text box. I do this for two reasons. One I can spell check :-) . Two, I have control and if the system dies on me I don't lose my long list. Only short posts, like this one, do I type into the text box.



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I only thought of that AFTER my whole message was lost in space somewhere. NOW I know that, but it might be nice if something was said somewhere about the possibility of being cut off and having an un-retrievable message??? Maybe there is, I just never saw it.


Thanks for the sympathy, I need it right now! ;)

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