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How important is it to take classes on the "Senior Schedule" sent to colleges? (Xpost

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My son is enrolled in dual-enrollment courses at the local community college.


In completing college applications, my DS said he was planning on taking an Economics class. How important is it to stick to the "senior schedule" you tell them? Some applications specifically asked "have you or are you taking an economics course?" He's contemplating taking a "philosophy" class instead: Intro to Logic.


He's taking two 200-level classes already in math and science, so thought the intro to logic course would be better otherwise he'll have three 200-level classes (if he takes the Econ).


Registration is tomorrow, so I'd appreciate any advice.


Thank you!

Kimm in WA

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No BTDT, but wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that some students have no choice but to change their plans if a class is already full? :)


I would think the schools which have already received an application should be notified of the change, but I doubt it would affect his acceptance.

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We have BTDT in a way. I noted on the first transcript that I sent in the fall that CC registration was in January thus suggesting the possibility that the course was tentative. In fact there was a change and no one seemed to notice or care. Unless it was a required course, I don't think it would matter.



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