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Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum and I was wondering if any of you could help with some advice.

This is my first year using LLATL with my 2nd grader and I have really found it is a good fit for us. However, I felt like 5 spelling words a week wasn't enough, so I have been supplementing it with Spelling by Sound & Structure -Grade 2 (Rod and Staff). The SBSS seems to be working well and she aces almost every test but I wonder if she is learning why these words are spelled that way...she doesn't seemt to really spend much time on the lessons (15 minutes or so to do Part A one day, 15 minutes on Part B another day and the spelling test another day)

Or am I just stressing about something I don't really need to stress about :001_huh:

I am working on my curriculum list for next school year and of course, that is where you start looking at the other programs and they all sound so good...but I have liked SBSS because it doesn't take tons of time and she can do it on her own and it requires no time out of me except to give the spelling test....but is there something better in the long run.

I am considering All about Spelling, but it seems more time intensive to me and much more pricey. But I am willing to do it if it is worth it. And would I need to start from the beginning of AAS and then work her through it more quickly than you would a 1st grader? (Which would not be a problem since her brother will be starting 1st grade next year and I would just use it for his spelling program).

Thanks in advance.

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