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How do I decide which seminars to go to at the SE convention?

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I've printed the list of speakers and topics and checked off the ones that sound interesting. I check off over 60 seminiars! I tried checking the websites of the speakers to maybe just order cd's or downloads for some of the topics, but most don't offer them. I think I'm going to have to clone myself for the 3 days. :tongue_smilie:

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I keep hoping that we'll get the schedule with times soon. I think that'll help me pick which to go to. I want to be sure to have enough time in the vendor's hall as well!


I also will send dh to ones that are lower priority if there are two at the same time & he can take notes for me :)


We can also set up a post & compare here for people who are interested...

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Make sure you check out the booth that sells seminar CD's because last year I purchased their "Best of 2010" CD and it was AWESOME! It has 30 seminars on it and I was able to listen for months on my own time- mostly in the car. The kids enjoyed Catie Frates and Mark Hamby and still ask to listen sometimes. I can't remember which company was at GHEA last year (my cd is in my car), but I'm hoping they are in Greenville this year so I can get a new one.

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