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Speech issues due to jutting chin out--any experience?

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Someone here mentioned a while ago that their child seemed to be sticking their chin out when they speak and it was causing articulation issues with their child. As a result, I started watching my DS7 and realized that he is doing that! He started ST a month ago and I have to be honest, I'm not sure it's doing much. I only see progress that translates into real conversation when I make him press on his chin. He can say the words the ST has him working on, but then after his practice session, he falls right back into his old ways.


I'm curious if anyone has had a child with speech issues that also stuck their chins out when speaking and if you have any tips for correcting this.

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I think we're out of luck-we just have extremely unique children.:D


If we make it to ST tomorrow I will ask his therapist for ideas. We missed last week due to illness and this week isn't looking much better. But I WILL ask next week for sure since we can't be sick THAT long, right??? :tongue_smilie:

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