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Help me doi Sonlight (5) the WTM Way


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This topic seems as old as the hills on this forum, but I'm really struggling. I'm planning for next year, reading through WTM again, and feeling like I'm failing my son *right now*. SL 5 is not exactly a curric based in a certain timeframe of history. No Kingfisher, no UIL texts, nothing that can act as a "spine" for outlining, notebooking, etc. The books he's reading are all historical fiction. I can't exactly ask him to outline those, can I? I have 15 more weeks of this program to do before I jump into either TOG or WTM, but until then, for those of you familiar with Sonlight 5 (heavy on geography), how can I begin to incorporate outlining and notebooking?

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I have my dd keep a journal as she goes. In it she does notebooking pages about the countries being covered. They can include information about the country, narrations, maps, etc.


Are you using the EHE? I think that you could choose a section of an article from the World Book encyclopedia related to the current country and outline that. You could do one article a week, for example.



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