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Would anyone like to chat about Google ebooks coupled with EPub software.

I did not know that I can know cut, paste, and manipulate all of these classics of literature for free on my computer's word processor. If I buy a book, it becomes copy-n-paste-able to me.


There has been so much chatter lately about teaching kids to write. I've been resistant to electronics books - until now. My ds and I are working our way through LLtLOTR. Enjoying it immensely. But as I read, I am discovering entire passages that I want to discuss with him, but he's usually not available at the time. So I really need a place to store my ideas (book notes; I know - that's what epub is all about). BUT I'm finding that I want to discuss entire passages. I found myself wanting to copy and paste from the text to discuss words, sentences, and paragraphs. Using the Epub on my computer, I have a place to store my notes - highlights/bookmarks. THEN I discovered I can copy and paste entire sections into my word processor.


I. did. not. know. this.


This isn't going to last, is it? This is a glitch, right? Modern writers are not going to stand for this, are they? Their works are essentially copy-n-paste-able. GREAT for me; I'm looking to use a TON of this to educate my little guy. Oh. my. goodness. This is an amazing tool for putting together customized writing lessons - amazing! But bad for an author who is trying to keep his books from being pirated. This loop hole isn't going to last, is it?


Thoughts? How are you planning to put this new technology to work in your homeschool?




Enjoy your little people

Enjoy your journey

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