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Hi All!!


I am halfway through my first year of homeschooling!! YAY!!! It has gone surprisingly well!! Some things have worked really well, some things not so much!! (All my research really seemed to pay off!)


I am currently homeschooling my DS (8); DS (7); and DD (5)


Here is where I am needing help...planning for next year! Here's the deal: when I started this journey last year, I wasn't sure how long I would be homeschooling. Decided to just see how this year went, and then go from there! That way, I didn't put TOO much pressure on myself...or the kids!! Well, guess what? We all LOVE it!! I think we may be in this for the long haul!! Just realizing that, took a lot of weight off my mind...but with it, came a whole new set of stressors!! Now, I am thinking "long term" not just "short term" I want to start having some fun...now that I don't have to worry so much about keeping them on track, should we decide to put them back in PS!!


I love the idea of Classical Education...it is how I would LOVE to have learned...so I am totally on board with that! I am not really a CM type person...although I do love the "learning through books" ideas because I am a reader by nature! But, I am more structured...and really, the kids tend to be also. (Except the 7 year old) So, that definitely factors into the curriculum choices...I also like things written out and planned for me! (I have 5 kids total and DH that travels a lot..not a lot of time to curriculum plan!)


So, here is what we did this year and if it did/did not work:


DS(3rd grade-8):


MATH: We did a combination of McRuffy Math (for the manipulatives and variety) and R&S (for the drillings/getting facts down) I really liked the combination of the two. But for next year, not sure which direction to go....DS wants to be an engineer and has already said he wants to go to MIT! (YIKES!) I am NOT a math person...so, what would be a good rigorous program..without causing him to HATE math??? He likes worksheets and not really an "outside the box" kinda kid. I am all over the place with this decision!! Please help!!! (Considering CLE for next year)


GRAMMAR: We did MCT Island (LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!) and will continue with Town next year! We also did GWG 3 (great for him to review what we are learning) I will probably do GWG 4 next year because it is so user friendly! (Considering CLE-LA for next year)


WRITING: WT 1...this was ok. But DS was not crazy about it! We skimmed the grammar parts because we were getting grammar in other places and just used it for the writing part. However, he really struggled with the writing. Not sure if there would be something better? He has a really good imagination..but just struggles with putting in on paper. Considering WWE 3 or 4 or CW Aesop A and B) Any other ideas to get him just writing???


NOVEL THINKING: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...we have REALLY liked this!! We are taking our time and he is really getting good at retention/analyzing the story. And it is great for vocab too! Will probably choose another book next year within this series.


HISTORY: Chose to go with Bringing Up Learners free online curriculum! I cannot stress how GREAT this was. It used SOTW 1 as the spine, we also added the SOTW AG and have done lots of other fun activities! She also has a curriculum for SOTW 2...but not as detailed as 1 that I will probably use next year. Although, I am already stressing over the "4 year cycle"...and have also been all over the map with TOG/MFW...thinking I will save TOG for logic stage. (OH! And then just yesterday received a brochure for Trail Guide to Learning...and I LOVE the look of it..especially since they tie everything together...however, we weren't going to do American History until 5th grade...but I don't know????) HELP!


SCIENCE: Haven't really done much...just some weather stuff, outside nature study...will hit this a little harder next year. Would love ideas here, too! Do I try to keep all the kids together...or have him doing something separate from the other ones?


ART/MUSIC: Again,not much. Will do artist study next year and thinking of doing recorder as well. Would love some ideas for this!!


LATIN: Didn't even attempt this year...but plan to next year. Thinking Song School so they can all do together, then I will move him onto more challenging in 5th grade.


VOCAB: Purchased Dynamic Literacy, but never go to it. Since I have it, will probably try to fit in next year...or maybe Wordly Wise because I just like the sound of it!


SPELLING: Didn't do any. He spells REALLY well, but thinking we may need something, as the more advanced his writing is becoming he is have some trouble with the bigger words...any suggestions??? (Again, CLE-LA??? maybe)


I guess I would value any input as far as "big picture" is concerned...especially math/writing/vocab/grammar...knowing this kid has high asperations with education and I want to make sure he is prepared for the SAT (long time away, I know...but time flies!)


I won't bother you with the 7/5 year old now...don't want to scare you all away!! :tongue_smilie:


If you are still reading...THANK YOU!!!!!



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