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Russian Math 6 Perpendicular Press answer key?

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Just wondering if anyone ever get to work on the solutions/answer for chapter 4-6. If so, would you share it or i can pay for it. Otherwise, no choice but to work on it myself.


I love this math text for it's simplicity in presentation. Elegant almost. Dd#2 is using this; at first, she hated it with a passion, but now she settled down nicely and is chugging along.


THanks so much.

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We're in the same boat. My daughter is almost done with chapter 3. I did find a 'hidden' Chapter 4 answer key on the Perpendicular Press website here. I haven't used it yet, so don't know if it's full of errors or not. We've found quite a few errors in the Ch's 1-3 answer key.


We love this book too! A complete answer key would be wonderful!

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Thanks so much, BeckyR. You saved me a lot of time and effort.


On another topic, do you make your child do all the problems? I do, but find that it takes her longer. I wonder if I'll make it easier for her just to do the first set. She use to get upset but as she keeps on moving, she finally got use to the amount of problems.


Thank you again.

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We've been doing all of the problems, but will often skip the starred 'Challenge' problems. We spend an hour a day on math and just do as many problems as she can get done in that time. Some days it's not many. She is pretty slow but I can see her confidence growing. We will probably be working into the summer to finish the whole book by the next school year, but we did start late; the end of October.

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