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BJU math is very bright and colorful. The teacher guide is scripted and tells you not only what to say but how to present the concepts via manipulatives. Because it is a traditional math used often in schools, it presents the math in different ways to hit a variety of learning styles--visual with all the graphics, auditory with the scripted lessons and stories, kinesthetic with the manipulatives... I think it is a great program. One major difference between the two is that BJU is mastery and CLE is spiral. We used BJU 1-the first half of 4. I was very pleased with it and dd enjoyed it. She is a very math-minded child and "sees" math in her head...so she easily grasps the concepts.


However, this year I realized that she would benefit more from a spiral program. The mastery setup was not giving her the practice I felt she needed to build her recall of the math facts. CLE has been wonderful in that regard. I don't regret starting with BJU because 1-3 served us well. I am very happy with CLE at this stage, though, and plan to continue with it. When I present the new material in CLE I use the white board and we go over it to ensure she gets the concept. I had planned to add in MM as a supplement, but that was making math take all day long. :) I will save it for help with particular concepts (long division, etc) if she needs it.

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