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I need Logic Stage LA Suggestions, plz!!! =)

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I will have a 5th grader next year and want to change up our language arts a bit from what we've done in grades 2-4 (he was ps'd until the end of 1st grade).


I was thinking about doing:


Latin - vocab, translations & grammar - We're using Cambridge which is rich in vocab, translations & Roman culture but I would love a suggestion of a Latin grammar program that we might be able to do in addition to the Cambridge.

English grammar - Would love a suggestion of an easy (to implement) grammar program--ds totally gets English Grammar and really just needs a nice worktext that shows him what needs to be done, then gives him practice sentences, etc. I don't like anything scripted, and he doesn't like being lectured, so something that's not too "formal", iykwim.

Literature - Ambleside's reading list

Writing - we will be learning to outline, take notes, and continue with the history narrations and maybe move into writing book reports for the literature we read (some of the books, anyway)


In my search for Lit a I found Lightning Lit and LOVE the looks of the program but it is suited for 7th grade so the next two years I would like to get prepared for LL. Any advice? I was looking on the Hewitt site and they have their Edcon worktexts for $3 each. Are these any good? I think ds10 would really like some of them and the questions would help me with discussing what he reads but any other suggestions are welcome!


So. I need suggestions for:


  • Lit for 5th grade (really need book suggestions, but also process--what do I need to expect from him?)
  • English Grammar Worktext (written to the student)
  • Latin Grammar that's not TOO meaty (this is his 1st year Latin and he's doing another program too, which he loves so really just some basic Latin Grammar is all I'm looking for here)
  • Any writing suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well!!

Tell me what has worked well in the LA department for your 5th/6th grader! :)

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Ok, so I did some re-searching last night and this is what I've come up with:



We're going to continue with Cambridge Latin, but add in Getting Started With Latin as a gentle intro to Latin Grammar. This will help slow us down in Cambridge a bit too, so we can stretch it out a bit further than is recommended (I think he needs to slow down for retention purposes--he's just turned 10 TODAY! :D)


English Grammar:

We're going to try Easy Grammar.



Going to try the Latin Copybook from Memoria Press for more cursive practice (he needs it!)



I'm going to get some Edcon Classics for him to read/discuss for Literature. Most of these are already on Ambleside's list but I'll get some more from the AO list for pleasure reading & read alouds.



We'll continue with our History Narrations & dictation. He is also doing an online science class so I'm going to teach him how to take notes & outline from the lecture modules. I may implement an outlining workbook, if it becomes necessary.

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