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Any opinions on the free Glencoe LA workbooks?


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They're by McGraw-Hill. Here are examples of the 6th and 7th grade ones:






Has anyone used these? At first glance, they look like something dd9-almost 10 would like. Other than perhaps being too easy for the labeled grade level (which is irrelevant for my purpose), are there positives or negatives anyone would like to share? I've been looking at a lot of different things for dd's LA, and I'm thinking I could use these to plug a few particular holes here and there. Nuts and bolts. Plus they're free. I just have to decide whether I'd rather buy it for ten bucks, or print as needed. I'm not sure if what's on Amazon is identical, but the total pages for the different PDFs exceeds 300 (each section, grammar, vocab, mechanics, etc., is a separate PDF). Maybe I'll just buy it - it appears to come 3-hole punched, which is exactly what I want - dd seems to do better with a couple sheets in front of her at a time - but there is no page count at Amazon. Time to google a bit more, I guess. I knew there was a reason I waited to place my next Amazon order :tongue_smilie:


There are no answers that I know of, but that doesn't bother me at all - should it?

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